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Posted: Thursday 4th of August 2016

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart has become a necessity for all business owners who plan to take their businesses to the next level.

What is A Shopping Cart?

A Shopping Cart is a series of pages that are all linked together through some sort of programming (usually PHP and JavaScript) that allows data to be transferred along with the viewer as he or she moves from page to page.

For example:

A lady browses a website, that website sells clothing where one page displays the dresses the website has for sale, another displays the shoes, and yet another displays the accessories.

The lady clicks on a button that says "Add to cart" to purchase a dress, the purchase is then added to her "Shopping Cart", she then navigates to the shoes page and clicks to purchase a pair of shoe, that item too is added to her Shopping Cart finally, she navigates to the accessories page and adds a scarf. After choosing the items she wants to purchase, she clicks on a link to view the items in her cart and a page pops up listing all of her purchases with a final price added up. That's the concept of a Shopping Cart.

It seems like a rather simple process on this side of the curtain, but behind the scenes, it's quite a difficult task to get that purchase data to move along from page to page as the viewer shops around.

This shopping cart system helps business owners to easily open their online stores where they can promote and sell their real products online to meet their customers needs worldwide. Items purchased via their shopping cart platform can be shipped to their clients should the need for that arise.

How Does This Shopping Cart Work?

This Shopping Cart system uses Cookies to enhance user experience!

If cookies are a new concept to you, please read the cookie tutorial for a lot of important information here

When a user clicks on "Add to Cart" button, all the added items are stored temporarily in a cookie to enable the user later view all the items he or she may have added in the cart for purchase with the total amount of all the added items shown to the user in summary for final order where PayPal processes the payments.

This shopping cart system uses the database to store the information of all users in the system, to store all the items available for sale, to store the purchased history for all the users and to store almost all the information seen on the various pages of the site.

Users can easily create and log into their accounts section at any time to view their purchased history, update their account name and email addresses and the admin can as well view all purchased history at the admin section to manage them accordingly should the need for management arise.

For a user to purchase an item or for an admin to manage the activities of the system, they both need to create an account using their fullname, desired username, working email address and a desired password and finally be logged into the system.

Features of the System
1) Responsiveness: The system is fully responsive to screen which means that it can work on any device, whether big or small screen sizes, the system is fully compatible. The minimum screen size is set to 350px.

2) Sign-up and Login: Users can sign up and get their account verified via email. Although, the system has been set to allow users login after sign up but an email with a verification link is sent to the user after sign-up.

3) Forgot Password: Users can easily request for forgot password link to enable them change their lost or forgotten passwords if the need for that arises. They can also change their account passwords after login should the need for that also arise.

4) SMTP Mailer: All email messages sent via the system are transported via SMTP server which gives you the assurance that the message sent will arrive at the receiving end instead of the regular PHP mail() function where the message sent can at any time be treated as spam and goes to the spam box instead of the Inbox of the recipient.

5) Search System: The users of the system can search for their desired items and get results that can be viewed to see all the information about the item.

6) Category View with Pagination System: The users of the system can browse all the available items for sale via item category with pagination when the items available are much.

7) Purchased History: The users of the system and the admin can view all the purchased history when the need for that arises.

8) Website Settings: This shopping cart system has additional pages such as the About Us page, Contact Us page, Terms of Service page, Privacy Policy page and Cookie Policy page. An admin can manage all the contents of the site including pages such as About Us page, Terms of Service of, Privacy Policy page and Cookie Policy page.

9) Users Management: An admin can manage the accounts of the users and such management includes viewing the full detail of a user account and deletion of un-wanted user accounts.

10) Create or Manage Product Categories: An admin can create, edit or delete categories where items are listed for sale.

11) Add Products to Shop: An admin can add products for sale to the shopping cart system with multiple photos for item promotion.

12) Product Photo Enlargement: The users of the system can view and scroll through all the photos of an item with the description of the item in a nice pop up window which is also responsive to screen.

13) Manage Products in Shop: An admin can edit products which have already been added to the shopping cart system for sale or delete the item from the system if necessary.

14) Contact Site Admin: Users of the system can easily contact the admin of the system via the site Contact us page.

15) Language Translation: There is an option on the site to help users easily change the default English language on the site to their desired languages.

We have had older versions of the shopping cart system but this version comes as a complete functioning website where all a business owner needs have been implemented with nice designs to meet the required standard of today.

The system comes with a language file to enable you easily change the text used in most areas of the site should the need for that arise.

The system comprises of the following languages: PHP, JavaScript(Jquery / Ajax), MySqli for the database section.

Server Requirements
The system is a web-based application and as such has few minimum requirements. To run the system, you need a web hosting provider that includes the following requirements:

1. PHP version 5 or greater
2. MySQL version 4 or greater
3. A pre-registered domain name
4. 50 Megabytes of hard drive space
5. PHP extensions: curl

Most hosting providers already have these applications on their servers. With the above requirements met, the system will run on any operating system using any modern web server software.

We highly recommend DREAMHOST.COM as a better hosting company for your needs. Their server is excellent.

Browser Support
The system supports all modern standards-compliant web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc...

Refund Policy
Please see our Refund Policy here

System Usage
You can use the system freely as you wish unless otherwise stated by Vasplus in the scripts. Please leave all credit notes and copyright notices to/from Vasplus Programming Blog in place. You are permitted to modify the system to suit your needs or requirement but selling it to someone else is prohibited. The scripts remain the property of Vasplus Programming Blog.

Disclaimer & Limitations
Please see our Terms & Conditions of Use here

We provide free supports for all our applications provided it does not involve designing something new but in the case of a new feature, the client/user may have to pay for our service should the client/user request for it.

Please see below are few screen shots for the system. Explanation can not tell much, you need to demo or test the system for yourself.

To get started, please click on the live demo button below to see and test the system for yourself.

This shopping cart system is cool

Sample Screen Shots

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Shopping Cart with Ajax and PHP v6

Thank You!
The Vasplus Team.

That's it guys...

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