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Posted: Saturday 11th of February 2017

Add, Edit and Delete Record from Database using jQuery and PHP

In this tutorial, we assume that you already have a basic knowledge of Ajax/jQuery and PHP in general to get you started

The tutorial teaches you how to build a simple system where you can easily add new records to a database, view and update the added records in the database or delete the records complete from the database using Ajax/jQuery and PHP

The important aspect of this implementation is that the system uses MySqli procedural method for all database related queries and all the above mentioned features are done without refreshing your web page which is the area where Ajax/jQuery comes in.

The Ajax/jQuery helps to enhance user experience at the client side while the PHP handles the server side requests and interacts directly with the database as requests are received from the client side.

What is a database?

A database often abbreviated as DB is basically a collection of information organized to provide efficient retrieval or organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data at any given time.

Why do you need a database?

  1. You can query data in a database (ask the database questions).
  2. You can look up data from a database relatively rapidly.
  3. You can relate data from two different tables together using JOINs.
  4. You can create meaningful reports from data in a database.
  5. Your data has a built-in structure to it.
  6. Information of a given type is always stored only once.
  7. Databases are ACID.
  8. Databases are fault-tolerant.
  9. Databases can handle very large data sets.
  10. Databases are concurrent; multiple users can use them at the same time without corrupting the data.
  11. Databases scale well.

In short, you benefit from a wide range of well-known, proven technologies developed over many years by a wide variety of very smart people.

This is a very simple to understand application as all you need to do are well explained in the README.txt file that comes with the script.

The script is very easy to understand and customize with programming code comments to ease usability.

To see the system in action, please click on the Live Demo button below and click on the Download button to download the script if you like it.

Thank You!
The Vasplus Team.

Sample Screen Shot

Add, Edit and Delete Record from Database using jQuery and PHP

That's it guys...

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