Refund Policy

Paid Scripts or Applications
Vasplus Technologies International Limited does not offer any form of refund for paid applications after purchase because our products are not physical items neither are our services rather, they are intangible items.
This is the reason why we have provided demonstrations for all our paid scripts or applications. The essence is to ensure clients or customers to see and test or demo what they are buying before purchasing the items.
Situations where a client will buy a script, use it and later come for refund are not accepted. Once a paid script or application has entered the hands of a client, it can not be returned/refunded. Efforts and resources were put into designing each of the items.

Web Design or Development
We work closely with our clients and get their projects completed according to their requirements. If you give us part payment for your project which has not been started and you plan not to continue with the project, we can give you back a refund but in situation where the project has already been started, you may be asked to pay for what has been done depending on the amount of work done.
So generally, we don't offer refund at Vasplus due to our line of business.

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Dear Users and Clients,

This is to inform you that we have recently updated our website generally.

If you experience any problem viewing any part of this website or if you notice that any of our scripts or tutorials are not functioning properly as should be, please click on the Contact Link at the top of this page to report the issue to us.

Our priority is to give you the best of service!

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