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Posted: Friday 17th of September 2021

To-do list using PHP and MySQLi

This tutorial teaches you how to implement or design a To-do list that can keep proper record of your activities or tasks using PHP and MySQLi

The tutorial is beneficial to as many who likes writing down their tasks or activities in a jotter and mark each of those tasks completed when they are done with them.

It is simple todo-list application that takes record of tasks submitted by end users in a form and saves them with a Pending status in a MySQL database.

The tasks are also retrieved from the MySQL database and displayed on a web page with an update and delete button beside each task.

When the update button is clicked, it goes to change the pending status of the task to Completed and when the delete button also is clicked, the task gets deleted from the database.

The script is very easy to understand and customize with programming code comments to ease usability.

To see the system in action, please click on the Live Demo button below and click on the Download button to download the script if you like it.

Thank You!
The Vasplus Team.

Sample Screen Shot

To-do list using PHP and MySQLi

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