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Posted: Monday 5th of January 2015

Hospital Management System using C#

The Hospital Management System is a technology, which is intended to automate the management of data in hospitals.
This system will automate the entire management of information in hospitals, such as patient profile, patient personal and family medical history, insurance plan information, lab report, staff duty roster, drug dispensary, pharmacy inventory, medical and personal appointment, integrated account package, business report which provides a vivid preview of the entire business in a glance.


The major challenge of most hospitals today, is the obsolete paper-based system of information/data management.
  • File search difficulty: As the hospital grows so does its patients, locating patient file gradually becomes much more cumbersome than you can ever imagine. A common scenario is a patient visiting the hospital after Five (5) years locating his/her medical file becomes a major challenge.

  • Medical history review: In most hospitals there are cases where a patient has multiple files, this is mostly caused as a result of the previous file not been located on a previous visit. This is a challenge since the doctor may not have sufficient information as regards the patient. Printing of patient transcript, which is a common practice in the western world, will be impossible due to duplicate or missing medical files. Over time old files might even be discarded in order to provide shelf space. 

  • Time consuming system: The current system in hospitals is time consuming and does not give much room for multi-tasking. A doctor attends to a patient only when the patient is right in front of him, a pharmacy attendant picks out drugs only when a patient arrives, a nurse prepares the ward for admission only when the doctor is done with the patient.

  • Inaccurate statistics: Hospitals are required to submit the number of patients with certain illnesses periodically which is usually really stressful since bulky patient files will have to be accessed in order to obtain counts manually, yet inaccurate counts might be obtained due to fatigue or miscount. 
  • Privacy Infringement: Paper based record management keeps records at a vulnerable state since in most cases the files are left on shelves. These files are easily accessed or altered by unauthorized persons. Imagine a cleaner studying a patient's medical record like a magazine.

  • Complex diagnoses: For a doctor to efficiently prescribe drugs for a patients there is need to have a quick review of the patient's medical history, allergies and even family history. This information could be gathered from the visiting patient however consider the situation where the patient is in a critical state and cannot provide such information.

Proposed Solution

  • Quick file search: The proposed system will possess a file search capability, which will locate the patient's file in less than 2 seconds.

  • Efficient medical record management: The proposed system prevents patient file redundancy, since the system will pop up an error message if a file already exists for the named patient. All Data will be stored in a central database (same location), which provided automated access (finger tip). The system will possess a sorting facility, which will enable automatically, arrange records based on the patient's visit date and time.

  • Accurate diagnosis statistics: The system possesses an automated statistics report in a well-organized manner.

  • Access control and privacy protection: Every user of the system will possess a unique identification, which will be used to trace every activity carried out on the system by the user. The system also possesses access restriction, which prevents a user from accessing information, which he/she does not have access to.

  • Simplified diagnosis: The system keeps track of certain information about existing patients such as family medical history, patient social history and patient allergies. This feature will simplify diagnosis for patients since the diagnosing doctor already has prior knowledge about the patient (already stored in the system and is a click away). The system also keeps the patient's previous medical history handy incases the medical doctor wishes to review it.


  • Workload Reduction: The System will reduce unnecessary fatigue on staff since most operations will be automated. For instance file search will be done in less than two (2) seconds.

  • Delay reduction: The proposed system will posses an electronic notifications system which will notify the user of an upcoming event such as incoming patient. For instance once a drug is prescribed for a patient the pharmacy department will get an alert of the prescribed drugs which will enable them have them ready before the patient arrives.

  • Zero data loss: The proposed system will possess a centralized database which will contain all client information, as such no more missing files.

  • Service enhancement: With the proposed system the entire services of the hospital will be enhanced in terms of speed and flexibility.

  • Reduction of man power.


Major challenges which might be encountered as a result of this innovative enhancement have been put into consideration.
The major challenge will be in the part of users who might be skeptical to use the system due to fear of its complexity or phobia for computers. The proposed system will be user friendly in such a way that a person with little or no computer knowledge will adapt to the system with ease.


  • Automated backup mechanism
  • Basic and Advanced file search
  • Scheduling of new and follow-up appointments
  • Creation of staff and patient account
  • Update of user and patient account
  • Diagnosis of patient
  • Laboratory management (Imaging, X-ray e.t.c).
  • Management of patient records.
  • Management of pharmacy (drugs).
  • Management of patient account (bills).

Software Main Interface

Hospital Management System using C#

Patient Accounts Interface

Hospital Management System using C#

Add New Patient Interface

Hospital Management System using C#

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