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Posted: Friday 8th of March 2013

Secured Users Access Level System using PHP and Mysql

This tutorial teaches you how to build a secure user access level system using PHP and Mysql.

There are two user access levels created for this system at the moment but you can add as many user levels as you wish depending on your needs.

The two user access levels created for this system at the moment are as follows:

(1) Level Zero: This is the default level meant for all ordinary and newly registered users in the system. When a user newly registers, the access level for that user is set to zero in the database users table.
(2) Level One: This is the default level meant for the Administrator of the system. You have to set the access level for any user that you wish to make an administrator for the system to one in the database users table before that user can have the administrative access or privilege to see all the information in the system.

When a user tries to log into the system, the system validates his or her information, checks the database users table for his or her details including his or her access level and displays the appropriate content to the user.

An ordinary user or a user at a lower level in the system does not and can not see what the administrator who is at an upper level in the system sees.

The levels of the users in the system are determined based on the information inserted into the database table for each user.

This is a very simple to understand application that gives you the basics of how to implement this kind of systems with good programming code comments to ease usability.

To install the system on your server, please download the zipped folder containing the required files, extract it to your system then, open the file named README.txt and follow the three steps instructions given in that file.

To see the script in action, please click on the Live Demo button below and download if you like what you see.

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