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Posted: Friday 28th of September 2012

Web Safe Color Palette

Web Design with Non-Dithering Colors!


Modern computers support millions of colors, but older systems can only show up to 256 colors at a time.

The effect of this in the older systems is often visible as a dithering of colors as the browser tries to approximate the true color. To cope with this, these browsers make do with colors from a fixed color palette.


This is not a big problem nowadays since almost all older computers have been replaced by newer models. However, to be totally safe, you could use Web safe colors.


The majority of browsers in use has support for the "web safe" color palette, which uses 6 gradations in red, green and blue and their combinations. By designing with colors from this palette, you can be sure to avoid the dithering effect in older systems.

This is an implementation of a Web safe color palette with JavaScript and CSS, structured with XHTML.


Please click on the below palette to popup a window with the color you click.

That's it guys...



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