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Posted: Thursday 5th of September 2013

Shopping Cart Version 5.0

This is a paid tutorial and it teaches you how to design a simple but powerful Shopping Cart or an Online Store where you can sale any type of product and fully manage all the activities in the system on a single page without the page refreshing using Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

This system works with MySql Database and there are two type of users in the system and they are User Admin and Normal User.

User Admin is the user with the role "admin" in the database table and the Normal User is the user with the role "normal" in the database table.

The system allows users or customers to view items or products which are available for sale in your store.
Before a user can add an item or product that he or she wishes to buy to cart, the system will prompt for log in with an option to sign-up in one simple step provided the user or customer does not already have an account in the system.

When a user or customer newly registers, the role of that user or customer is set to "normal" by default in the users table.

Now, lets assume you are the admin or owner of this system and wishes to change the role of a registered user or customer to an admin, all you will do is to edit the users table and change the role of the user from "normal" to "admin" and the system will begin to regard such user as an admin when the user logs into the system.

Upon successfully log in, the system will take the user back to the item that he or she previously wanted to add to cart and also present the user with a link to edit his or her account.

After a user or customer has added a desired item or product to cart, the system will show a moving notification basket for the added item or product. The user or customer who added the item to cart can click on the moving shopping cart basket to see all the items he or she has added to cart with an option to Remove un-wanted item, Checkout or Empty his or her cart.

Users or customers can always login to see their purchased history which could also be referred as Purchased Items in the system, they can as well update their account details.

The administrator of the system can view and manege all the registered users in the system, he or she can view and manage all the purchased items in the system, he or she can also add new items or products to the shopping cart or online store for sale.

Items or products in the store can be browsed by categories with a pagination for easy viewing or browsing.

The system has a nice website design as seen at the demo page and supports all browsers and the scripts are written in a way that any one can easily understand and customize with good programming code comments to ease usability.

Payment is required before you can be able to download this script.

To install the system on your server after you must have paid and downloaded the zipped folder containing the required files, please extract the file to your system then, open the file named README.txt and follow the three installation steps given in that file.

To see the system in action, please click on the Live Demo Button below and click on download button to see The price of this script if you like what you see and also download the script after payment.

Shopping Cart Version 5.0

Download Live Demo

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