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Vasplus Technologies International is a software company established in 2011 and registered in United Kingdom. This company is committed to meeting users and clients satisfaction. For the past decade, Vasplus Technologies International has served varied businesses from different fields. 

The company was set up by Mr. Victor Olu, our managing director who is also a software engineer from University of Wollongong, Australia, to provide creative and innovative solutions to businesses in both the private and public sector looking to market their services online.

We have become known for our unique way of working and delivering over and above the expectations of our clients. 

The company has grown consistently each year, and this year is no different. We’re confident in our services, and we’re adding to our team regularly. 

Please take a look at our website where you can find examples of recent projects.

Why Us?

So why should I choose Vasplus Technologies International?

It’s simple,
- years of industry knowledge,
- proven track record,
- provide beyond the client requirements,
- all clients receive our first class service as our reputation is what the business is built on,
- we’re fair and upfront in business and this comes through in our work.

Contact us today and let us show you how we aim for perfection in everything we do.

Thank You,
The Vasplus Team!

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Dear Users and Clients,

This is to inform you that we have recently updated our website generally.

If you experience any problem viewing any part of this website or if you notice that any of our scripts or tutorials are not functioning properly as should be, please click on the Contact Link at the top of this page to report the issue to us.

Our priority is to give you the best of service!

Thank You,
The Vasplus Team